University Requires Students to Turn In “Hate Speech”

It seems that the University of Missouri has gone “full 1984” and is now asking students to report “incidents of hateful and/or hurtful speech” to campus police.  This, of course, is the same campus where a professor asked for volunteers to “muscle” a journalist... read more

Campus Kangaroo Court Fires Conservative Professor

Vanderbilt professor Carol Swain is now facing a petition demanding her suspension for the “thoughtcrime” of being “hateful” to minorities. This isn’t Dr. Swain’s first campus controversy. She’s faced vandalism, threats, protests, and official condemnation... read more

CBS Reports: Is Political Correctness Facing Extinction?

Remember that the French Revolution, which preached equality and liberty, descended into a bloodbath, devouring its own.  40-thousand were executed as “enemies of the people” in just 10-months, including one of the leaders of the revolution, Robespierre. Today’s PC... read more

Atlanta Christian Fired for Beliefs

Kelvin Cochran has led a remarkable life by any standard. He was born into a poor family in Shreveport, La., in 1960 that became even poorer after his father walked out and left his mother to raise six children alone. Mr. Cochran aspired to be a firefighter from age... read more
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