A search engine is a program that searches for and items in a database that corresponds to keywords and specified characters that have been searched. In digital world the use of search engines is optimal and the most efficient way of research. Let us have a look at the status of different search engines in terms of their market shares and marketing.


Over the course of time, several search engines have emerged on the World Wide Web due to high consumer demand. However, according to statistics from netmarketshare, statista and statcounter, the top 5 search engines in the world in the context of market shares are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidoo and Yandex.

Google is the best search engine with a global market share between 81.5% and 92.96%. The market is dominated by the American search engines however the Russians and the Chinese also have a significant share value.


Due to the increasing popularity of online platforms and a broad spectrum of target audience engaging in these platforms, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is by far the most efficient way of spending marketing dollars, a digital marketing strategy for increased business viability. The best of these is through Google Ads and the Bing Ads, the former of which is a combination of two networks, twice the size of Bing Ads and the pricing is often lower too. Since Google is the parent company for several others, advertisement campaign strategy can be extended to those platforms as well.

In China however the Baidu, Soso, and Etao are the best search engines where most digital campaigns are run. Here the number of backlinks needs to be improved from reputable Chinese sources for getting the attention of the local Chinese people. Baidu has captured almost 75 % of the Chinese engine market share and is very famous in China, just as Google is famous all over the world.

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