Effective Problem Solver

How to Become an Effective Problem Solver?

Problems are inevitable in human life. Whether you are a parent, child, student or teacher you will face problems at many stages of your life. These problems need solutions and finding solution to problems is a great skill. Then, what it takes to become an effective problem solver. Simply, you have to follow the following steps.

Identify the Problem

A lot of people mistake speculation with questions. Don’t just guess (speculate), rather ask questions and dig deeper to find the exact problem. Identifying the correct problem itself is the solution. Differentiate between causes and effects, because only then you would be able to locate the problem. Or you can say it is the researching or diagnosis phase which will help in the upcoming steps.

Determine the Root Causes

Once you correctly diagnose the problem, dig it up for the root causes. For instance, how it happened, what is reason behind it so and so forth. Search again if the diagnosed problem is the real problem. For this you can even ask for help from people who are good at problem solving. By then, the problem diagnosis will be more refined, and you will move to the next step.

Look for Possible Solutions

Don’t rely on one solution;look for multiple solutions. It Might be possible that one solution may not work well. Always have a bunch of solutions in your solution bucket. Once you enlist all the solutions, evaluate all of them one by one. Be innovative and think out of the box, because mostly the un-walked paths are better than the walked paths.

Select the Best Solution

After evaluating each solution, choose the one that will address your problem completely and give you an effective solution. How can one know which solution will be the best solution out of so many? You can ask yourself:

  • Can I implement it?
  • Do I have resources?
  • What are the risks?

After the assessment, choose one solution and move on to the next step.

Execute the Solution

You need to be extra vigilant when you are implementing the solution. You must be aware of where, when and how the solution should be implemented. After implementation, check whether the solution addressed your problem.

Re-examine the Solution

This is the final step where you get surety that the solution is measurable. If not, then you need to go back to step two, choose another solution and implement it. Don’t overlook this step but find the right solution and solve the problem and become an effective problem solver. This is the vital step, so don’t avoid it.

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