The Most Popular Flavors of Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Mushroom Flavored
Domino’s Mushroom Flavored

Pizza is the specialty of Domino’s; however, not all the flavors are same. Some are super delicious, while others are not that good. After watching out the reviews of people and personal experience, I have made a list of popular flavors of Domino’s pizza which is as follow:

Pacific Veggie

When it comes to fast food, people are more concerned about health issues. After observing their diet plan, Domino’s has introduced Pacific Veggie which has low calories but has high fiber level. It is one of the best pizzas as it contains fresh vegetables like spinach, mushrooms, red pepper and tomatoes. This is the reason that it is on the top of the list.

Spinach and Feta

Sodium and fats are important for body.Highly processed meat if added with Spinach and Feta Pizza,becomes one good source of it. Spinach, onion, feta and Parmesan are some of the elite pizza combination that is loved by every pizza lover, thus are popular globally.

Domino’s Deluxe

Domino’s Deluxe is also a very popular pizza, because it is a combination of veggie and feta pizza. It has onion, mushroom and tomatoes in the topping along with some processed meat. However, you need to be vigilant while ordering this pizza. Tell them to have a few cubes of meat, so that it will not affect a healthy diet.

Memphis BBQ Chicken

There are a lot of people who prefer meat over veggies. For such people Memphis BBQ Chicken is a great option. It has stolen the hearts of many people who love chicken. This chicken is less cooked but is high in protein.

Wisconsin 6 Cheese

Wisconsin 6 Cheese is also very popular among people who crave for cheese. This special pizza is a blend of different cheeses, thus never fails to meet the craving standards.

Honolulu Hawaiian

Last but not the least, Honolulu Hawaiian is a very savage pizza. It contains ham and smoked bacon along with fruits and veggies. Yes, we are talking about fruits. It has pineapple and roasted red pepper in the topping which makes it the best option in a million. However, one cannot have it on a regular basis, because it has bacon and ham which has high calories. So, better go with it once in a month or so.

You may order your loved flavor from online tool and may call on phone number to domino’s near me for the order.

Since I have narrowed down the pizza options for you, it is now easy for you to pick a pizza of your taste and preference.

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