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Remember that the French Revolution, which preached equality and liberty, descended into a bloodbath, devouring its own.  40-thousand were executed as “enemies of the people” in just 10-months, including one of the leaders of the revolution, Robespierre. Today’s PC movement is of the same ilk, minus the guillotines. If this PC madness isn’t stopped, there will be many more victims. And that’s why I think it will stop.

Universities are the seminaries of political correctness, where young people are groomed and pressured to accept this very undemocratic and anti-Christian worldview.  Fortunately, many make it through college unscathed. But if you’re not aware of just how bad it’s gotten on campus, watch Douglas Wilson’s impeccably timed documentary, The Free Speech Apocalypse.

From what I’ve read, evidence of rampant racism at Mizzou is thin at best.  The campus doesn’t sound hostile or unsafe. It sounds normal.  And the protesters sound like spoiled children.