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A former employee of the St. Francis home in Richmond, which serves the low income elderly, has filed a formal complaint against the Catholic Diocese of Richmond alleging employment discrimination. John Murphy was removed from his position after disclosing he had entered into a same sex “marriage” with his homosexual paramour.

In July, the E.E.O.C. (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), in a controversial 3-2 vote of the five member administrative commission, opined that “allegations of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation necessarily state a claim of discrimination on the basis of sex.” This puts EEOC on a collision course with Supreme Court precedent, and with the most basic freedoms of religious institutions.

The Human Rights Campaign is the leading advocacy group seeking to compel the Church to change its unchangeable teaching concerning the nature of marriage. It has urged its supporters to proceed with the kinds of actions which the complaint in Richmond demonstrates. Such an approach is a clear threat to our first freedom — religious freedom. READ MORE >>