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One of Poland’s top doctors and director of the Holy Family Hospital in Warsaw, Professor Bogdan Chazan came under fire last month when he refused to perform an abortion on a deformed baby. Instead of an abortion, Chazan offered medical advice for the mother, hospital care before, during and after the pregnancy, and perinatal hospice care for the child.

Polish law permits abortion of sick babies until viability, but does not create the right to an abortion, merely decriminalizing abortion for the doctor and the mother. This particular pregnancy did not pose a danger to the woman’s health. Also, according to Polish law, any physician can invoke the country’s conscience clause, which ensures that no doctor or medical professional will ever be required to perform, or participate in, an abortion.

Nonetheless, Chazan’s hospital was fined 70,000 zloty (approximately $23,000) for his refusal, when the government ruled he had not used the conscience clause properly. READ MORE >>