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I don’t mind saying this out loud because these issues presented in this film are actually catnip for real progressives, and so they can’t help themselves. It is not like I am giving a plan away or something. If they really wanted to prove me wrong, they should respond to this movie with a tsunami of civil discourse, polite disagreement, and charitable engagement.

But the odds against that kind of thing are actually pretty slim, and we already see signs that the bad guys in this are gearing up to do their “diversity-so-long-as-it-is-just-like-ours” thing. So all this is to say, in whatever way you were planning to act, I would encourage you to do so quickly. It is in the highest degree likely that this movie is going to get blocked, yanked, reported, blackballed, shamed, etc. I fully expect some rainbow executive CEO to say something like, “Fie! Fie!”

Now we do have contingency plans if the Totalitolerance Police act true to form, but it would be a little more convenient for you not to have to use them. You will be able to see the movie regardless.